Congenital heart defect

To date, congenital heart defect has an absolutely not negligible prevalence (about 9/1000 newborns).

Over time, an increasingly careful fetal screening and cardiology and heart surgery progress allowed:
  • a decreased rates of severe congenital heart defect,
  • an increased prevalence of infants with congenital heart defect able to grow properly and become adults.

These patients need a specialized ambulatory center that adequately follows them during the pediatric phase, the growth phase and later in adulthood.

ProKardia, through a specialized team, offers an adequate assistance in:
  • Neonatal and pediatric screening
  • Diagnosis
  • Risk-stratification
  • Therapeutic management of different life phases
  • Personalized monitoring based on the physiological complexity of the congenital heart defect

Reference: CHD e ACHD European Heart Journal (2020) 00, 1-83

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