Hematological examination

Hematological examination is a specialist medical evaluation performed following the identification of alterations in blood tests or in the presence of symptoms and complaints that could indicate a blood problem.

This visit aims to investigate causes and origins of blood chemistry and/or clinical alterations, then suggesting a therapeutic path suitable for the treatment of the diagnosed problem.

The hematological examination has no contraindications.

The hematological examination has no risks.

The execution of this examination does not include preparation rules.
Please bring all your medications or a list of them with doses to your appointment.

The hematological examination includes an in-depth medical history, which embraces the patient's clinical and pharmacological history and the clinical history of his family, focusing on the symptoms related to the problem for which the hematological consultation was requested.
Subsequently, the objective examination is performed, which aims to investigate the signs of possible morbid conditions.
The diagnostic process is completed with more in-depth blood tests and/or instrumental tests in order to guarantee an optimal classification of the problem. In some situations, the hematologist extends the investigations to the closest family members.

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