Diabetes Mellitus examination

The Diabetes Mellitus examination is a medical examination carried out by an endocrinologist specialized in diabetes management.

This examination has a fundamental role in:

  • diagnosis of the disease
  • prescription of drug therapy
  • patient education to a healthy lifestyle
  • complications prevention and management

The Diabetes Mellitus examination has no contraindications.

The Diabetes Mellitus examination has no risks.

The execution of this examination does not include preparation rules.
Please bring all your medications or a list of them with doses to your appointment.

The first diabetic visit is performed for:

  • diagnoses of the disease
  • screening of complications
  • prescription of an adequate therapy
  • patient education in self-management and glycemic control

Additional diagnostic tests may be required.

The patients follow-up allows:

  • an appropriate management of diabetic disease
  • the most effective and well-tolerated therapeutic option

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